1. Translucent powder is essential for a "finished" look.

2. When applied after makeup, this powder helps set makeup for longer wear.

3. Translucent powder also helps control shine giving the face a matte finish.

4. Because this powder is translucent, many skin tones can wear the same shade.

5. The three translucent shades offer a variety to blend with all skin tones.

6. Our unique tan/evening gold is a golden powder with a slight frost. Perfect to brush over forehead, cheekbones, shoulders, etc. on any skin tone.

7. Rose powder lends a slight flush to the face and shoulders and will also work with all skin tones.

8. Apply lightly over face and/or body with a large powder brush.

9. Frosted sifter jar with a black matte or shiny silver cap.

10. 3 - Translucent shades, triple sifted: Light, Medium & Dark.

11. 1 - Tinted shade: evening gold.

12. Helps set makeup.

13. Controls "shine", provides matte finish.